Who We Are

  • We are the #1 cultivator of organic hemp in California
  • We are focused on innovating efficiencies by creating supply-chain reliability for the production and sale of organic hemp-related products
  • We take pride in featuring an exceptionally strong management team (please see full bios in appendix)
  • We are the 1st business to receive a hemp growing permit in Ventura County and the 1st hemp company to be licensed to do business in the city of Oxnard, California
  • We became a co-founding member of the iHemp Consortium with The University of California

Bringing Fundamentals to the Hemp Business

  • Stable, steady-handed management
  • Bringing reliable fundamentals and principles to the hemp industry
  • Utilizing agricultural industry techniques & methods, including best practices for the cultivation of organic hemp
  • Rigorous testing protocols
  • Building and innovating new business fundamentals in the hemp industry
  • Lobbying Ventura County for regulations benefiting the community
  • Created production, distribution and delivery supply chain software, utilized by UNPSI for deliveries throughout the USA

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Gene Fein

Chaun Mackey

Leslie Jacobs
Chief Counsel

Rod Gryder

John Madison
President, Sales

Lou Mann

Sam Estrin

Steve Rosenblatt
Senior VP, Operations

Company Milestones

Intellectual Property

  • UNPSI is armed with the most skilled intellectual property team in the cannabis sector
  • UNPSI’s CEO Gene Fein ranks in the top .1% of inventors of all time, with 140 US patents granted
  • UNPSI’s Chief Counsel, Les Jacobs is an intellectual property expert having filed and litigated IP for over 25-years in the home jurisdiction of the USPTO in the Washington DC area
  • This IP will be utilized to create new products, therapeutics and drugs, dosing systems, agricultural products & systems as well as equipment.
    Andrew Carter of Stifel Investment Bank, the foremost analyst for the cannabis sector places an extremely high value on IP for the sector
  • UNPSI has an aggressive IP production platform, which has resulted in the filing of 2 patents with 11 other applications and development. These patents will be the backbone of core hemp production genetics, as well as innovating the development of new consumer products and in addition to therapeutic & pharmaceutical drug development

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Market Projections

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