UNPSI is a vertically integrated hemp company.

UNPSI is building the leading hemp global supply chain company by leveraging large margins through specialized expertise and vertical integration. UNPSI is one of the world’s leading experts in the full cycle of cultivation, processing, distribution, and sale of processed hemp. We are focused on the creation of CBD isolate, including bulk sales, as well as margin-leveraged leveraged owned and operated brands.

Our agri-business cultivation model allows for vast scaling. Streamlined supply-chain management dovetailing with a sales base of drastically increasing demand, creates the potential for incredible cost efficiencies, margins, and shareholder value. The company has a social equity program to improve the lives of workers we engage via cultivation and extraction partnerships.

UNPSI is led by talented, experienced executives from top US companies with expert knowledge of operating billion dollar yearly supply chain businesses in North America, Europe, and Asia. UNPSI is quickly becoming the go-to resource and partner for governments, institutions, and farmers from California to Thailand. 

UNPSI top executives strengthen the firm with unparalleled access to governments, regulations, customs, and custom-targeted marketing strategies.

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Our Approach

UNPSI is one of the world’s leading experts in the full cycle cultivation, processing distribution, and sale processed hemp. We are focused CBD isolate, including bulk sales, as well as margin-leveraged own operated brands.

Our Commitment

To the Community and the Environment. At UNPSI we have a commitment to the local communities we operate in. We support fair wages and partner with local governments and community groups to foster positive growth. Hemp is a unique product because it can help developing communities, while still being good for our environment.


Hemp is defined as Cannabis Sativa L plant with less than .3% THC.



  1. Biomass: All soft and medium soft plant material
  2. Flower: Flowering nodes of the plant
  3. Fiber: From stalks of the hemp plant
  4. Seeds: From male-fertilized female hemp plants, which become hermaphrodites
  5. CBD Oil: Crude oil from a first or dark paste second press extraction
  6. Distillate: Purified oil using distillation which can be up to 95% pure CBD and can be anywhere from green to clear depending on the purity.
  7. CBD Isolate: 99.7%+ pure CBD crystals. This is the purest form of CBD and the one which can be medically measured.


Gene Fein

Lou Mann

Sam Estrin

Rod Gryder

Leslie Jacobs
Chief Counsel

John Madison
President, Sales

Chaun Mackey